About The Photographer – Betty A. Moore

Betty has specialized in macro photography for years with a particular fascination for revealing the beauty in small things. Her photography brilliantly captures the colors and illusions of the macro world. She uses Nikon camera equipment, Nikon macro lenses and high speed photography to capture the stunning details from a close-up perspective. She also photographs nature and architecture especially in the glow of evening lights.

Current Exhibit – “Water Drop Reflections”

Her current featured galley “ Waterdrop Reflections “ is on exhibit on the WEB and the Artomatic Art Show: WEB: www.macroillusions.com Place: Artomatic Art Show Date: May 29 – July 5, 2009. Building Location: 55 M ST S.E. Washington, D.C. Display Location: (6th Floor, Section 3)

“ Water Drop Reflections”

Many people have been intrigued by the process whereby a water drop falls, goes under water picking up more water, rising again and forming a stalk and a circular bulb. During approximately 4 milliseconds this amazing process of rising and falling and transformation from drop to stalk to drop occurs. Betty’s water drop photography represents colliding two water drops and capturing the form made by the energy from the collision. Photographing this phenomenon requires precisely timing the release of the drops, the distance between two drops, distance of the falling water, viscosity of the liquid, surface tension of the water and the depth of the water receptacle. Capturing this action requires using shutter speeds up to 1/8000 of a second.

The 2nd water drop is released ..... After Two Water drops Collide

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